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Official tourism portal in the Magic Mountains

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The bulk of the Magic Mountains

Territory of exceptional natural values, certified sustainable tourist destination since November 2013

  1. Explore the valley of Paiva, the Temple of acronyms the Island of Love, the river beach of Folgosa, the river beach of Areinho, the villages of Pereiró, Vitoreira Nodar and to the villages of Paradinha, Metriz, Canelas and Espiunca

  2. Go walk about 500 km of rural tracks and mountain spread over more than 40 walking routes

  3. Visit the Serra da Freita and Arada, admire its stunning scenery and make an unforgettable journey along the paths of science, history and mysticism

  4. Unravel the intact nature of Bestança Valley, its rich biodiversity and its culture preserved

  5. Climb to the Montemuro mountains, contemplate horizons magical, alive ancient traditions and discover enchanted moiras legends

  6. Discover the amazing geodiversity and biodiversity of Magic Mountains following the tracks of the Route of Water and Stone

  7. Long live the rafting adventure in the wild waters of the river Paiva, practice canyoning in mountain streams or go down the river Vouga in canoeing.

  8. Relax, enjoy relajarse y de la calidad y la tranquilidad de las alojamiento units magical Montañas

  9. Practice activities in full nature and enjoy the animation and visitation programs available

  10. Find idyllic settings in the Vouga Valley, stroll through Ecotrail and enjoy the excellent quality of the thermal waters of S. Pedro do Sul and Castro Daire

  11. Relax, meme back and enjoy the hot springs of S. Pedro do Sul and Castro Daire

  12. Surrender to the flavors of the local cuisine, enjoy the scenery and sample the exceptional wine green or the unmistakable wine Lafões

  13. Embark on a journey that takes you to the most remarkable sites in the history of this territory, from Prehistory to the Dark Ages, through Roman times to the present day

  14. Meet the towns and cities "gateways" of Magical Mountains, walk around its squares, parks and gardens, visit its museums and monuments, (with) prove the quality of its food and wine and enjoy in its bars

  15. Participate in the numerous cultural and sports events taking place throughout the four seasons, in all municipalities

How to get to the Magic Mountains

The towns and cities, municipalities headquarters of the Magic Mountains are the "gateway" to the discovery of the territory

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